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½ HP Hallow Worm Gearbox | Gravity Engineers


½ HP Hallow Worm Gearbox


Gravity PMDC Series is compact and easy to mount. Flange, foot and hollow shaft-mounted versions, or combinations of these mounting options are available. These gearboxes are of a modular design. Output shaft and flange can be mounted to standard hollow-shaft gearboxes without modification of the gearbox. The housing has mounting points on both sides, allowing mounting from either side. The hollow-shaft gearboxes have new mounting options also for the input side. Input possibilities are standard, direct coupled or with solid input shaft. A combination with other gearbox types is possible with minimum change. In applications where efficiency and strength are important, hollow-shaft gearboxes are preferred to worm gearboxes. Hollow-shaft gearboxes can withstand higher overhung loads than other gearbox types.