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1-10 HP– 93 Inline Gearbox | Gravity Engineers


1-10 HP Heavy Inline Gearbox


Gravity PMDC Series gearboxes have a one-piece housing, which has advantages in terms of rigidity, oil leakage, noise level and gear strength. The high gear quality achieved with modern manufacturing technologies is supplemented with housings.Gearboxes are easy to mount and flexible in usage.


Gravity PMDC Series motors are DC motors (Outsourced) that are used in Combination with some Gravity gearboxes. Depending on the application, output speed, the load applied, etc. the type of gearhead can be selected. Case hardened steel Life expectancy gears are used due to the high Direction torque generated by these Technical Data motors. The first pair of gears can be helical to damp the noise. All bearings are permanently lubricated and therefore require no maintenance.