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Shaded Pole Motor with Gearbox | Gravity Engineers


Shaded Pole Motor with Gearbox


Shaded Pole Motor (SP06)  is a type of single phase induction motor which is used for producing a rotating stator flux in order to make a single phase induction motor a self starting one. It has a provision of ball bearing and Thermal Overload Protection with cutoff temperature at 125°C. It is used for Various industries like exhaust system, pellet stove, airflow exchange and many more depending on customers’ applications. 

Reduction Gearbox available as per requirement.

Voltage: 230.00VAC (other available on request)
Direction: Clockwise 
Output Speed: 3.50rpm standard (other available on request)
Output Torque: 14.80Nm depending on required rpm
Stack Height: 30mm