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Two Phase Stepper Motors | Gravity Engineers


Stepper Motor Drive


SEA860H a new high-performance digital stepper Motor driver. It takes 32 bit DPS technology. We use the newest control algorithm to reduce the noise and Vibration in a large scale when the motor works. It has the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, low temperature rising, etc.


 Power input type: AC 40V ~ 80VAC or DC 60V ~ 110VDC

 Output current: 2.0A ~ 8.0A

 Mircostepping: 1(1.8o) 1/256 is 51200 step / rev.

 Protect form: Overheated protect, lock automatic half

 Current, error connect protect

 Dimensions: 100mm×158mm×59mm

 Weight: 700g.

 Working environment: Temperature-15~40°C Humidity 90.

I /O Ports

 AC Input up to 40VAC & DC Input up to 60VDC

 Note: It should exceed 80VAC or 110VDC

 A+ A-: Stepping motor one winding

 B+ B-: Stepping motor other winding

 PUL+ PUL -: Stepping pulse input+5V (Rising edge effective, rising edge duration >10μS)

  DIR + DIR-:Stepping motor direction input, voltage level touched off, high towards, low reverse

 ENA+ ENA-: motor free

Switch Choice (“ON=0, OFF=1”)

Micro stepping Setting:

Current Setting :